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Visit the Archives

Hours of Operation

The archives operates during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.  Advanced notice is required, however, as the repository is staffed part-time.  Please contact the archives to scedule an appointment.

Scheduling an Appointment

The Hostos Community College Archives is open to researchers from within and outside the college community.  Please contact the archives staff several days in advance to schedule an appointment.  When contacting the archives, please be prepared to provide the below information:


Hostos students, faculty, and staff are able to access and use the archives free of cost. The archives staff is available for assistance only.  Those who are conducting extensive research should plan on scheduling an appointment, or if possible several appointments, for as long as necessary.  In some cases, archives staff will be able to fullfill requests for frequently accessed materials without the researchers presence.  In all other cases, it is expected that the researcher take the time necessary to find and locate materials within the various collections.

Procedures Governing Use of Archives